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Some Facts About the State

In Illinois, there's Chicago and its environs ("Chicagoland"), and all the rest is "downstate," even if the spot in question isn't exactly south of Chicago.

Although downstate residents might disagree, the fact is that Chicago is the heart and soul of Illinois.

What's more, Chicago is a great place.  With about 2.8 million people living in the city proper, an estimated 9.8 million people in the metro area (which includes parts of southeastern Wisconsin and northwestern Indiana), a thriving arts and nightlife scene, a highly sophisticated business community, professional and college sports galore, first-rate hospitals and universities, stunning architecture, miles and miles of waterfront parks and beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan, beautiful neighborhoods in the city, great suburbs, and much more, Chicago is truly a world class city.

Legal Environment

Like its business community, Chicago's legal community is among the most sophisticated in the world.  With options ranging from global mega-firms to small law firms with niche practices and every size firm in between, there's a lot of talent in Chicago.

Through Mr. Sullivan's Illinois license, Sullivan & Sullivan, Ltd. is able to offer its services to people and businesses based in Illinois, or to those from outside Illinois who have matters pending inside Illinois.  We're also willing to co-counsel with your current Illinois legal team, whether they're in Chicago or elsewhere in the state.