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Sullivan & Sullivan, Ltd. was formed in 1996 by John E. Sullivan III and Julia Ryan Sullivan.  The Sullivans are spouses who met in law school at the University of Texas.

Since our inception, we've kept our firm small and free from bureaucracy.  We like it that way, and our clients do, too.

In years past, Sullivan & Sullivan, Ltd. often acted as lead counsel in many litigation matters, typically regarding debtor-creditor, trust, commercial, and oil and gas matters. 

We no longer act as litigation counsel.  Instead, we now primarily handle complex transactional and planning matters and related tax issues.

If you need litigation counsel, then we can help you with your search. 

If you already have litigation attorneys, then we'll work them if they need help with any of the types of matters we typically deal with.

Ultimately, we think our litigation experience makes us better planners because we've seen first hand what can happen when plans go awry.  That's a perspective most planners don't have.